Yaziv Cooling & Air Conditioning Engineering Ltd. was established in 1973. The company specializes in air conditioning contracting.

The company’s offices are located in Kfar Saba, and it operates throughout Israel.

The company carries out a wide range of projects for complex and large-scale air conditioning systems.

Yaziv is well known for its stability in terms of its many years of activity and its professional staff, including engineers, practical engineers, project managers, electricians, operations and service teams. The company is also known for its connections with professional subcontractors in fields such as metal works, insulation, etc.

El-Mor is a contracting company for electrical works, and is a strategic partner in Yaziv. El-Mor representatives are members of the Yaziv management, and are involved in managing marketing, logistics and finance. Yaziv is well-known among its customers as a reliable company, one that places emphasis on the high quality of its work.

The Company’s Services:

Our company specializes in launching, supervising and implementing industrial air conditioning projects in a variety of configurations and outputs. We provide solutions for every need and for every purpose:

Installation of chillers, cooling towers, VRF, control systems, inverters, fan coils, AHUs, control and electrical installation, and everything related to these systems. The company has skilled and experienced teams of air conditioning engineers and professional supervisors that accompany every job from planning to final delivery.

The installation and operation of air conditioning systems is carried out by practical engineers, technicians, and professional controllers and electricians. The company employs mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, technical teams and other skilled professionals.

The Company’s Main Expertise:

  • Implementation of air conditioning projects.
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of air conditioning systems.
  • Supporting the client and providing service during the inspection period.